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.taken characters

assassins creed.

Caterina Sforza
last scene in Brotherhood
  • M - on her back
  • M- on her inner left thigh
  • P- on her right hand
[personal profile] provocatorio || Meghann
Application || HMD

Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Brotherhood; Rome, December 1500; After Caterina leaves, telling him to reunite the Assassins.
  • 'M' - Inside of both wrists
  • 'V' - Over his heart
  • 'L' - Next to the V
[personal profile] insolente || Heather
Application || HMD

chronicles of amber, the.

Just after The Courts of Chaos.
  • 'R' - Where his neck meets his shoulder, right side
  • 'E' - Back of right hand
[personal profile] patternal || Beth
Application || HMD

dc comics.

Jason Todd [Red Hood]
Red Hood and the Outlaws 10
  • 'M' - Over his left breast
  • 'T' - Back of both hands
[personal profile] fearlessnotleader || Heather
Application || HMD

Koriand'r [Starfire]
Red Hood and the Outlaws 11
  • 'M' - Stomach
  • 'D' - Upper back
[personal profile] selfdefining || Meghann
Application || HMD


Mara Sov
Post-House of Wolves
[personal profile] reefwolf || Beth
Application || HMD

Petra Venj
The Taken King: Post Wolves on Mars
  • Outline of a Guardian's Ghost on her right wrist
[personal profile] queens_emissary || Krakatau
Application || HMD

The Taken King: Post "The Wolves of Mars" Quest
[personal profile] houseofjudgment || Anodyne
Application || HMD

dragon age.

  • M: Murder, back of his right hand
[personal profile] fadeling || Beth
Application || HMD

heralds of valdemar.

Starwind k'Treva
Prior to Savil's death
  • 'E' - Center of his chest
[personal profile] adeptable || Beth
Application || HMD


Anthony Stark
(film) Post 1st movie
  • 'E' - Left side of arc reactor
  • 'S' - Right side of arc reactor
[personal profile] nothumdrumvee || Beth
Application || HMD

Betsy Braddock
Uncanny X-Force 32
  • 'M' - Front of right shoulder
  • 'T' - Along her right wrist
  • 'I' - Left hip
  • 'W' - Palm of her right hand
[personal profile] lepidopterans || Meghann
Application || HMD

Jean-Phillipe (Fantomex)
Uncanny X-Force 24
  • 'M' - Over his heart
  • 'V' - Next to the M
  • 'D' - Inside of left forearm
[personal profile] madeofmirrors || Heather
Application || HMD

Kurt Waggoner
After death, during X-termination
  • R for Revenge on both sides of the spade-shaped tip of his tail
  • F for failure above the right eye
  • V for viciousness above the left
[personal profile] spideyfanone || Siobhan
Application || HMD

Laura Kinney
Daken Dark Wolverine: 09
  • 'K' - Left his stretching to her knee
  • 'P' - Lower back
[personal profile] notaweapon || Meghann
Application || HMD

Just pre-Agent of Asgard 2
  • The rune lögr for liar on his right cheek, under his eye
  • Maðr for murder, between his shoulder blades
  • Bjarken for betrayal, on the back of his right hand.
[personal profile] realitywarped || Irrisia
Application || HMD

Mortimer Toynbee (Toad)
End of show
  • T for Thief on the side of his neck
  • T for Terrorist on the webbing of his left hand
  • C for Coward on the webbing of the right

[personal profile] withthebrotherhood || Siobhan
Application || HMD

Remy leBeau
End of Gambit v.5, Issue 3
  • 'B' - Over his heart
  • 'T' - Inside of right forearm
[personal profile] playsforkeeps || Heather
Application || HMD

percy jackson & the olympians.

Annabeth Chase
Post House of Hades
  • 'ύ' - Inside her right wrist
[personal profile] yearrounder || Beth
Application || HMD

rachel morgan series, the.

Ivy Tamwood
Book 2, after her meeting with Piscary
  • 'M' - Left shoulder blade
  • 'A' - Inside of her right wrist
[personal profile] neurotoxicity || Meghann
Application || HMD

trinity blood.

Abel Nightroad
Post Manga-volume 10
  • 'M' - Back of right hand
  • 'S' - Palm of right hand
  • 'S' - Back of neck
[personal profile] shinpuru || Beth
Application || HMD

wildstorm comics.

Charis [Nemesis]
post Wildstorm: Revelations
  • 'M' - Left shoulder blade
  • 'T' - Inside of right wrist
  • 'V' - Lower back
  • 'S' - Right shoulder
  • 'I' - Near her heart
[personal profile] wasinnocent || Meghann
Application || HMD

Cole Cash [Grifter]
End of Wildcats Vol. 4, Issue 7
  • 'M' - Left bicep, marring his Team 7 tattoo
  • 'G' - Over his heart
  • 'S' - Palm of his right hand
  • 'W' - Inside of his right forearm
[personal profile] thegrifter || Heather
Application || HMD

Hadrian [Spartan]
End of Series
  • 'M' - Right shoulder blade
  • 'P' - Inside of left forearm
  • 'A' - Left breast
[personal profile] spartanclass || Heather
Application || HMD

Priscilla Kitaen [Voodoo]
Wildcats Vol. 4, pre-issue 1
  • 'M' - Left hip
  • 'W' - Lower back
  • 'A' - Right shoulder blade
[personal profile] voodooing || Meghann
Application || HMD

world of warcraft.

Deralas Phoenixforge
Just before the Siege on Orgrimmar
  • F on right bicep for Failure
  • A on his right wrist
  • C on his left wrist
[personal profile] wheresthebutt || Kanis
Application || HMD

Kael'Thas Sunstrider
After he goes through the dark portal in search of Illidan
  • A for addict in the center of his chest
  • F for failure on his left inner wrist
  • T for traitor on his right inner wrist
[personal profile] itried || Dubs
Application || HMD

Lor'themar Theron
End of Mists of Pandaria | Trial of Garrosh Hellscream
  • C; Over his heart
  • F; Palm of his right hand
  • S; Over right breast

[personal profile] prefersfighting || Heather
Application || HMD

Pidgette Farthing
Pre-Wrath of the Lich King expansion
[personal profile] ieatdeadpeople || Dubs
Application || HMD

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